A More Customized User Experience

Just like responsive design, adaptive design optimizes user experience on different devices, customizing usage contexts, resolutions and control mechanisms. The web server detects the device and OS and sends the appropriate version of the website. Adaptive design helps your online business reach the widest mobile audience possible. Adaptive design, also known as progressive enhancement of your web site, aims at personalizing your business product to your customer's individual needs.

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The Benefits Of Adaptive Design

Adaptive design involves making decisions about what content should or should not be sent to your client's device. We optimize your website in a way that your clients will only get the most important content.

  • Device Detection - Adaptive design detects the user’s device and provides the appropriate layout and features based on the predefined characteristics. Adaptive design uses an array of inert plans based in breakpoints. Unlike responsive design, adaptive files do not respond when loaded, first they detect the device and identify the best sized layout. We use adaptive design techniques to develop a website that can meet the diverse requirements of the increased number of mobile phones with different screen sizes and capabilities.
  • Speedy Page Loads - Adaptive design only loads the most relevant content for the screen size of the device. As a result, your site is faster and more optimized than other sites where each device is forced to scale the entire website down to a minuscule size. Adaptive design is flexible and significantly decreases load times. It also provides users with a better browsing experience than your traditional static website. Long gone are the days of sites with a defined width.

More Experience Than the Competition

Do you want to customize your new site, enterprise solution or premium mobile apps? Whatever you need DrupalWare has got you covered. Our experience extends to all mobile devices and various industries. We keep it simple, responsive and in-depth; giving you the best web services is our strength.

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