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Drupal has the leading open source community, from newbies to expert developers. Every level developer gathers online in groups at to discuss, share ideas and collaborate on projects. Offline, the community gathers at

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Benefits of the community

  • DrupalCon - DrupalCon is a global conferences where thousands of Drupal developers, system engineers and designers gather to participate in learning sessions and sharing new Drupal technologies. It is a one of a kind event dedicated to a one of a kind CMS. This sharing of ideas pushes the platform ahead of the competition, and benefits everyone. The ideas introduced at DrupalCon are available to everyone and some of the biggest Drupal advancements have been made as a result of this conference.
  • Bug Fixes - Although no software is one hundred percent free from bugs, the Drupal community gathers together in forums to share improvements and bug fixes. Each patch is thoroughly tested in a development environment by hundreds to thousands of Drupal developers before being committed to core. More often than not numerous methods of fixing a bug are presented and tested for performance before the best is chosen and agreed upon by the community. Anyone can submit a bug or a patch to the drupal module forums, and a solution is presented promptly.

More Experience Than the Competition

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