The presence of corporate representation in the space of WWW is evident aspect of a successful business. Practice shows that the availability of Web-sites - isn't enough. Often blogs, thematic community , forum are more important in the eyes of potential customers and provide us additional opportunities .

Active in social networks will help increase brand awareness and position in the search engine. In addition, social networks can communicate directly with the audience, answer their questions and experiment. Thus, the presence in social networks is necessary if you want to establish communication with the modern Internet audience. Even those who aren't actively using Twitter, Facebook and so on, don't keep their own blogs and leave many comments, it is still looking for the information they need on the Internet. Their inquiries led to forums, Wikipedia, to the channels YouTube, as well as in other social networks.

More than half of today's businesses use access to social networks in order to achieve sales growth and strengthening market position , promoting goods and services. The number of companies have turned to social media , is growing steadily.