There are several content management systems (CMS) available over the internet. Almost all CMS system offers forum and blog capabilitites. They often have different modules through which you can extend or modify the system capabilites. There is so much to choose from the whole bunch of options avaialble to you, but still Drupal emerges as one of the most preferred choice or options among the developers. Drupal also has some unique and special features that makes it very different and much more powerful than other CMS software products (like Apache Roller, Dspace,habari, open CMS) that even a non-techie person can also handle it easily.

Lets us understand the unique features which makes Drupal so Special:

  1. Drupal is very flexible and easily extendable:

    Building an impressive website from scratch is very easy with Drupal. It requires minimal programming as compare to other CMS providers. Also, In Drupal it is simple to add new features and even reshape/resize the website from simple site to a responsive web application. One of uniqueness of this feature is that the developer doesn't have to start from scratch for the simple changes or modifications to the site.

  2. Drupal is fast, stable and reliable:

    Drupal is known for its precisely carfted and well-defined code. The way Drupal structure has designed it empowers its developers to write a code that helps in optimum utilization of the system resources, which means the speed and concurrence related performance issues are not likely to come in everyday task. Also, any updates or patches related tasks can be performed in a direct manner and usually it doesn't more than a day to update or upgrade existing drupal system.

  3. Drupal is known for its Security, Taxonomy and Views:

    Web Security is one of the most critical thing which people are still unaware of or not bothered. There are some people in this world who use their intelligence and time to attack websites and breach their security. The consequences of such issues is too high either few losses or legal liability issues.

    In today's era the modern organisation requirements has moved their focus from just managing the data to making the content easy to find and retrive. With the increasing amount of information is getting stored now the problem of retriving the informaion back is also becoming crucial.

    Drupal offers several types of modules to define custom fields or views in your content types. For example, if you want to make a collection of famous poems and if you want to track the author, poem and source of poem. Then, with the help of views module you can create different types of lists. There are several customisation like sorting of poems alphabetically and diplay of the nae of authors of these poems.